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Aviation Academy Wind TunnelOur wind tunnel was designed to NASA standards and quality, built by NASA contractors, using NASA-style data acquisition quality. In other words, this low-speed tunnel is of the highest quality, making it the world’s best for a high school and better then most colleges.

The Wind Project: "Bridge To Success", is the result of the support of the Virginia Business-Education Partnership, via a School-To-Work Grant. The original goal of the project was to enhance and support the Aviation and Physics classes. A construction goal was to allow, as much as possible, participation by students in its development. Standards Of Learning are integrated into the curriculum. Students have had field trips to NASA, ODU, and VigYan wind tunnels.


  • Aviation Academy students will research and work on science projects.
  • Students will operate the wind tunnel.
  • Provide students with technology that engineers use on a daily basis.
  • Incorporate more STEM related topics into Aviation and core subjects.

Future Plans

Coordination with other sites will be accomplished via the Internet in real-time video and audio along with data distribution. This will allow the distribution of knowledge to other Newport News Public Schools sites, the Peninsula, the Hampton Roads area, and the world eventually.


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