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Mission Statement: Denbigh High School's Aviation Academy is a nationally recognized STEM site with a focus on piloting, aircraft maintenance, engineering, computers and electronics. Our mission is to provide a quality education that will maximize the potential of every student by providing them with the knowledge, skillsets, experiences and values needed in the 21st Century workplace.

Our Core Beliefs

    The difference between an employee that is highly sought after and recommended is those that are attentive to details.

    Every location wants their employees safe when they work.   Being safety minded keeps the work productivity high.

    In order to do a job right means that great preparation and organization must be done to minimize the work and mistakes.

    Whether it is a team or individual approach, it is critical to be focused on your work.   Anything less is unacceptable.

    All work locations are required to be clean at all times.   This ensures the longevity of the tools as well as maintaining a standard of excellence.

How Core Beliefs are Established at Aviation Academy

Three Areas of Focus Targeted Objectives Examples
Soft Skill Formal conversations Interviews
Public speaking
Informal Conversations Day to day work
Phone calls
Professionalism Attire
Courtesy & Respect
Giving Back

Hard Skill Written Expression Resume
Cover letter
Reports & Outlines
Project Based Critical Thinking
Creation of an ePortfolio
Real world scenarios
Preparing for the next level College applications
Grants & Scholarships
Preparing and maintaining a budget

Education and Experiences Courses Dual enrollment
Course pathways
Experience with tools, vocabulary
Industry Standards Certifications
Internships, mentorship & site tours
Safety & Cleanliness
Research & Development Teaming with partners to develop new products & models
Trying to fail
Exploration of ideas


What is distinctive about the Aviation Magnet Program?

  • An "airport campus" where students take classes at the  Newport News /Williamsburg International Airport. All other classes are conducted at Denbigh High School.
  • Small learning communities with a safe, collegiate atmosphere where expectations are high and young adults excel.
  • An FAA Pilot Ground School course that will prepare students for flying lessons and private pilot licensure.
  • Electronics classes with state of the art lab equipment.

Who is eligible?

All rising 9th-grade students who are prepared to commit to a rigorous academic and technology program are eligible. All freshmen must complete Algebra I in ninth grade, which allows them to take higher-level math classes, plus chemistry and physics. Students will be selected by lottery, and those already enrolled in the program, their siblings, and those who live in the school's shadow zone have priority.

How does the Aviation Academy prepare young people for careers?

Graduates of the Aviation Academy are well prepared for a broad spectrum of opportunities. The combination of academic rigor with modern technology prepares graduates with the challenges of college and creativeness required of technical careers. The problem solving skills acquired and the work ethic developed place Aviation Academy graduates among the strongest achievers.

How do I apply for the Aviation Magnet Program?

All students who wish to attend magnet programs must submit a Magnet School Application.

Applications are available from any Newport News school with a magnet program or from the Administration Building, 12465 Warwick Boulevard, in January and February each year (Magnet application process). It is recommended that you submit your application directly to the Aviation Academy office.

How can I get more information?

  • Contact Dr. Aaron L. Smith, Aviation Academy Director at (757) 886-2745.
  • Attend a magnet fair or magnet program open house. Open Houses and magnet fairs are held each year. Call the magnet program staff for more information.
  • Our director will be doing a presentation at all middle schools in January.

Transportation is provided to all magnet programs. See Bus Schedules.


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